The Fire Districts Association of California (FDAC) formed a Joint Powers Authority under California Government Code Section 6500 et. seq. on July 12, 2005 with the execution of the joint powers authority agreement by the first two fire protection districts.  The joint powers authority agreement was executed to form the Fire Districts Association of California Employment Benefits Authority (FDAC EBA).

The impetus for this program was to offer an alternative to CalPERS for small fire protection districts, who before this only had CalPERS as an option if they offered healthcare coverage to retirees.  When CalPERS’ healthcare rates had increased over 20% in a single year after several years of double digit increases, the FDAC Board of Directors took matters into their own hands.

Today, FDAC EBA offers medical, dental, vision and life insurance benefits to FDAC members (both fire agencies and associate members).  To learn more about what we offer, browse through our website, then contact Administrator Carmen Berry at