Basic Life and AD&D

The FDAC EBA has partnered with Standard Insurance Company for life insurance coverage. Standard Insurance Company offers Basic Life and AD&D. Basic Life and AD&D is an employer-paid benefit. Member agencies are able to select the level of benefit they will provide to eligible employees, from $10,000 to $200,000.

Supplemental Insurance can be selected by the employees for themselves and their eligible dependents. Supplemental Insurance is an employee-paid benefit through payroll deduction. Employees can select any amount up to $200,000, without providing proof of insurability, in increments of $10,000; above $200,000 and up to $500,000 must be underwritten and approved by Standard Insurance Company. Employees can purchase coverage up to 100% of their election for their spouse in $5,000 increments. The guarantee issue amount for a spouse is $50,000. The guarantee issue for a spouse is $20,000. Amounts above this will need to be underwritten and approved by The Standard. Coverage for dependent children is also available in $2,000 increments up to $10,000.

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